I help online course creators customize their LearnDash sites

The combination of WordPress and LearnDash is an excellent way to start an online course website with room to grow.

As your online course business grows, you may find that the out-of-the-box features don’t quite meet your needs.

That’s where LMSCoder comes in!

Latest Tutorials and Essays (Page: 2)

User-Specific Content (And Downloads!) in LearnDash

Learn how to give your students specific feedback that only they can see and/or download. The download portion does require a paid plugin.

Why the LearnDash “Edit Profile” link doesn’t work, and how to fix it

Spoiler alert: it’s not LearnDash’s fault! This is likely because you have WooCommerce active on your site, and it’s quite easy to resolve without coding.

How to spice up your LearnDash comments with wpDiscuz

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to get wpDiscuz working in LearnDash lessons and topics. Involves a tiny settings update, and a template override.

How to add LearnDash code snippets to your site (without breaking it)

In this tutorial, we will go over how to identify the two most common “snippet languages” which are PHP and CSS, and how to add such snippets to your site.

Shared Post Parts: An alternative to LearnDash Shared Course Steps

In this tutorial, we’ll learn about another way to share content between LearnDash lessons and topics, beyond the Shared Course Steps feature from LearnDash.

How to move the comment form above the comment list in LearnDash Focus Mode

This tutorial will cover a few ways of moving the comment form above the comments in LearnDash Focus Mode.